Here's a selection of sunrise and sunset photos from my blog posts.  This was early one morning at Broadstone Reservoir where I was trying to make a photo of the sunrise reflecting on the surface of the water.  Unfortunately it was quite windy so the water wasn't flat enough for any decent reflections.

I really don't remember where this photo was taken, maybe I can find it and add something to the description.

This is one of my favourite places for taking sunrise photos.  This is the old stump next to Scout Dyke Reservoir and I have taken hundreds of photos here.  I don't think this is the best one but it's pretty good. I'll find my favourite and add it to this page some time.

I think this one was taken around the same time as the one above but this time I had zoomed in onto the trees  which are just above the old stump.

I had been trying a few experimental shots with long exposure photos from windscreen of my car as I was driving along.  It was early morning so it was dark enough to use long exposures.  The camera wasn't fastened down very well and it had slipped so I stopped the car.  This was actually just a test shot to get the exposure length but a couple of cars went by and left these lovely light trails.

Again it was early morning and I took this shot overlooking the quarry behind the Sovereign Inn.  It's too dark to see the quarry but these trees on the left are perched right on the edge of the quarry wall.

Another favourite site of mine is the windmills near Ingbirchworth.  This long straight stretch of road makes a great leading line towards the sun and the tree.

These trees are also on a ridge above Ingbirchworth and I just love the way the early morning orange light fills the sky.

This is looking over Ingbirchworth Reservoir on a very still winter morning with a touch of frost in the air.  It's not really a sunrise photo but the sun is quite low and the surface of the water is like a mirror. I purposely took the photo directly into the sun to get these wonderful straight line flares

Just for a change a couple of sunset photos that I took on a snowy winter evening walk between New Mill and Fulstone.  It had been snowing but the late sun was just finding a way through some thinner clouds on the horizon.

In this second photo you might just be able to make out the square tower of New Mill church in the middle ground behind the trees.

This is another photo from Scout Dyke Reservoir with the sun coming up behind the trees.

As the sun came up the clouds opposite where the sun was rising were getting a pink glow and the sunshine lit up the tree.

Here the lines of cloud over the edge of Ingbirchworth village were picking up the pink glow from the sun.

Looking back towards the sun coming up behind the trees on the horizon these small fluffy clouds were being back lit with the orange glow from the sun.

These last two photos were taken on the Northumbrian coast on a fairly cloudy morning.

There was just a narrow strip of clear sky just above the horizon which allowed a bit of sun through to light up the clouds.

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