Wednesday 12 May 2010

Coot and Chicks near Midgley

While walking around Bretton and Midgley I spotted a footpath with a hand written note on it saying 'Pond'. I was intrigued so I followed the path which went through a small woods and then into a bit of a meadow where there was a pond with a fence around it. As I got closer I could see that there was and old duck house (nothing as grand as the one belonging to that MP) and nearby was a pair of Coots. As I got closer still I also spotted some little fluffy chicks, six in total. Ugly little things but I'm sure their mother loves them. It's quite exciting because this is the first chicks I've seen this year. Follow the link to my flickr account to see some of the other photos of the coots and chicks and also some more of my recent bird photos.

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