Wednesday 5 May 2010

Bluebell Woods

Bluebells 3
Originally uploaded by Let Me Show You What I See
I've decided after all this time to join Flickr and start posting my photos there. I need to get more exposure to my work and hopefully get a bit more feedback from the other Flickr members. I made the mistake of putting Woopra onto my blog to find out how much traffic was visiting and found that no-one was coming here except me and Liza from work.  I might not get any more visitors but it's worth a try.

I'm experimenting with publishing my photos to Flickr directly from Aperture 3 and I need to make a few changes to how I do that. Firstly I need to name my photos before I publish them otherwise I have to rename all within Flickr. I need to experiment with my next set to see whether adding keywords in Aperture get carried through as tags in Flickr and also if I geo tag the photos in Aperture whether that information is passed through.

I'm also seeing how useful it is to create my blog posts within Flickr using just one of my photos and then linking back to Flickr. So let's try this link to the rest of the set.  Well I need to add the link from within blogger but it's OK I guess.

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