Sunday 9 November 2008

Another Wet Weekend

I've finally got around to moving my Blog from my main web site to Blogger because it's so much easier and so I will blog more often. When I made changes to my old blog I ended up having to re-publish my whole site which was taking longer and longer every time. I will change my main web site to contain just my main galleries and put links in this blog instead.

So another wet weekend and I've not had much opportunity to get out and make many new photos. It's a pity really because the leaves on the trees at this time of year have a lot of vivid colours which can light up beautifully when the sun shines. But I did pick up a few leaves in the garden with the intention of scanning them and making something artistic with them. They were all a bit wet but I started to scan them in and then the wife dragged me out to get her dad a new chair. The leaves got left in the study and by the time I got back to them they had dried out and got a bit crinkly so weren't much good. But here's a few of the ones I did.

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