Tuesday 18 August 2009

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It seems a bit strange sending a blog post via email but my iPod touch
doesn't seem to like the text input bit on blogger.

Anyhow, we're on holiday in France and I've no computer so I can't
post any new photos. On Sunday we went to a bird park near Le Crotoy
on the Somme estuary. Took some photos of Spoonbills and Avocets so
it was quite good.

Monday we moved onto Honfluer which is a lovely port with some amazing
architecture. Really tall buildings, 7 and 8 storeys with restaurants
around the harbour wall.

Today we went to Cancale which is famous for oysters. Unfortunately,
it was so busy there was nowhere to park. We went to a nearby village
instead for a drink and then went on to Fougeres where we are staying
for the next two nights.

Tomorrow we are going to look around the fort here. It looks
enourmous so it could take a while. There is also a lake so we're
going to look around there too. Lots of photo opportunities so I
should have plenty to post when we get back.

On Thursday we arrive at a gite near Doue la Fontaine for a week. No
wifi there so could be incomunicado for a while. Will try to Twitter
whenever I ca catch a connection.

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