Thursday 1 September 2011

Heather near Soldier Hill

We're back from France and Lynne is getting back into training for the HACK, so early on Bank Holiday Monday we stormed up to Soldier Hill.  The route is from the road above Wessenden Head Reservoir and then up to the trig point on Black Moss.  On the return route we divert down towards Issue and then to Black Pool Bridge and bak to the road.  It's about five miles and the first half is mainly upwards, quite steeply in places so it's similar to the terrain around Buxton

It's the time of year for the heather to flower so I took my camera to get a few shots on the way.  As you can see from the first photo the weather isn't sure of what it's going to do, so we put on t-shirts and shorts and put cagoules in the backpack.  When we left home the sky was blue but by the time we set off to walk there was a big thick layer of black cloud above the clear sky.

As we drop down into the first stream valley theres a small outcrop of rocks where I previously taken photos of icicles as there is always a steady dripping of water from between the rocks.

Looking up the valley the grass is a bit greener and there's more water in the stream than the last few times I've been here.  I guess there's been a bit of rain while we've been away.

Further around the walk there's an area of the moorland that is completely covered with heather.  Even though we are getting glimpses of blue sky the sun didn't come out sufficiently to get a good shot of the heather.

Near Black Pool Bridge there was a bank covered with a variety of different coloured heathers from almost white to a very deep purple.

So the HACK is on Saturday and it's an early start.  We'll need to leave home about 04:30 to get to Buxton for just before 06:00 so I can pick up my high vis. jacket for marshalling and for Lynne to get her self prepared for a 6 o'clock start.  I need to get to marshalling point 3 ASAP so I can point people in the right direction and give them a bit of encouragement.  I think it's only a couple of miles into the course so I need to get there early.  After that I've no duties until 13:30 when I have to be at Checkpoint 3 at the 18 mile point to help with checking people in and providing drinks, snacks and encouragement to the walkers.  Lynne and I have already walked the last part of the course so I can advise the walkers of what to expect.  In the gap I'll wander around the course and try to get some pictures and generally encourage people along.  Hopefully I'll see Lynne along the way to make sure she's OK.

By the way Lynne hasn't got an online fundraising site set up but if you go the Buxton High Peak HACK 2011 page there is a green donate button at the top. Many Thanks.

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