Tuesday 27 April 2010


I've been looking back through my most recent posts and I notice that there's an awful lot of birds and nothing much else.  So in this post and the next I will concentrate on the landscape and things I see as I'm walking around.  Carrying on from my last post I was in Stanage which as I have mentioned in a previous post is derived from Stone Edge, which describes this place very well.  The stone edge is very popular with climbers and the paths along the top and bottom of the edge is popular with walkers and runners.

When I set of from home the sky was a bit cloudy but it looked as though it was going to brighten up.  When I arrived at Stanage the clouds had increased and was just letting little shafts of light through.  The first two images were taken on the top of the edge in an area where there are a few big rocks.  I have used the rocks as a foreground and am looking into the sky to see the God rays.

Looking in the opposite direction near here there is an old wall that stretches a little way along to where the ridge begins.  In the background is a view of an area of the Peak National Park.

This is where the path splits between the one along the top of the ridge and the one that goes along below the ridge.  I had decided to walk for a while along the top and then come back on the lower path.  There is what could be a gatepost with W W on it but I don't know why.  If you click on the image to make it bigger you might just be able to make out a part of Ladybower Reservoir in the distance just to the right of the post.

A little way along the ridge I took this panorama looking over the edge with more of the Peak National Park in the background.  A bit of Ladybower Reservoir is in the middle of the photo and behind and to the left is Kinder Scout, the highest peak in the park I think.  Oddly the cloud was getting thicker but then there were bigger breaks of blue sky.

Along the ridge there are a lot of water holes cut into the rocks which I guess is to provide water for the livestock that roam about up here.  I quite like the way the grooves are cut into the rock to guide the water into the trough.  It has been quite dry for a while so most of the troughs are empty but this one had a bit of water in it.  I was trying to get the reflection of the sky into the water for this image.

In the next image is another part of the old wall and the beginning of the higher bits of the ridge.

Further along the ridge again and another view across towards Kinder Scout.  It's hard to tell but beyond the rocks in the foreground is a drop of about fifty foot down a sheer rock face.

On the way back I dropped down to the lower path and I took this picture of another old wall.  It's quite hard to tell in the image but the wall goes up a very steep bank and meets up with the base of the rock face.  The big flat stones on top of the wall look a bit like stairs.

In a previous trip to a different part of the stone edge I had seen a few old mill stones which had been abandoned.  I guess they used to make them here and at some time production stopped and all the stock of millstones were just left here.  I think this stone must be for a roller rather than a millstone, unless they make them like this and then cut them down to size.

Near the roller there were a few other millstones so a took quite a few photos here.  For this next one I used my Lensbaby to throw the area around the stones out of focus.

As I walked further along the path there were more and more millstones scattered across a wide area.  There must have been around a hundred that I saw just lying around or piled up in twos and threes.  Eventually they became less of a novelty and I got a bit fed up of making pictures of them.  They were all different sizes and I saw a couple that had no hole in the middle which was a bit unusual.

Towards the end of the path someone had cleaned the dirt of one of the stones to make this smiley face.  In the background there is a bit of the stone edge.  I just realized that I didn't take many pictures of the rock face, maybe next time I come here I will take a few more.

In the last image I was trying to get a rock in the foreground to mirror Kinder Scout in the background.  I tried a few different rocks and I think this one turned out the best.

Next time the photos will be mainly bits of waterfalls taken at Woodhead.

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