Sunday 5 December 2010

Garden Birds in the Snow

We've had the heaviest snow on record for November which has caused a lot of disruption but given me the opportunity to get a new selection of birds in the garden. I have made some videos of the birds on the bird feeders which I'll put at the end of the post. But I wanted to get some photos of the birds without the feeders in the picture. This first one is a little bluebird sitting patiently in the branches.

In this second photo is the first of three robin pictures. In this one the snow is coming down and the robin is hunched down and appears to be sheltering under the bigger branch. 

Here we have a blackbird feeding on the bright orange berries from the bush. Not a particularly good quality photo but I just liked the way you can see the berry just before it disappears. I have a series of shots with the bird having a couple of berries from the bush but this was my favourite.

The next is what I think is a female robin,but I'm not 100% sure. It's sat in almost exactly the same place as the black bird in the previous photo but the sun was a bit brighter so it's come out a little better.

This little blue tit was eating snow, I guess because all the water about is frozen. I just thought it looked very amusing with the snow all around its beak.  

The last two photos are the other robin pictures that I mentioned earlier. I think it's the same robin in both photos, quite a chubby little fellow.

The first video was taken after the first small amount of snow and shows the feeder with the orange berried bush behind and then one of the balls. Towards the end of the video is MacKinnley the cat from down the road. He's a bit of a bully, but quite a magnificent cat.

The second video is much longer is just has a compilation of bits from about 2 hours of recording. The first parts are of the nut holder looking down the road and the second set of parts are looking back towards the house. You might just see me looking out of the window sometimes

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