Sunday 2 February 2014

Early Flowers in Beaumont Park

We've had a bit of a respite from the rain the last couple of days.  Unfortunately I seem to have gone down with "man flu" so I'm not feeling much like getting out and about.  However we popped out to Beaumont Park just before lunch today and I was very pleased to see lots of signs of spring on the walk and even a few early flowers adding a bit of colour to the landscape.  So here's a few of the photos that I took earlier today starting with some snowdrops.

A closer shot of the snowdrops from low down.  I had to take the camera strap from around my neck and use the screen to compose this shot.

Next are some little white and yellow primroses ...

... and some yellow ones too.

Not being an expert on flowers I had to look these next ones up and I hope they are Hellebore or Christmas Rose.

These are more Christmas Rose which are purple coloured and have not opened yet.

Some more primrose, white ones again and also a lovely vivid blue one.

I tried looking these flowers up but I wasn't sure where to start.  The leaves look a bit like hebe or maybe a pieris but it's probably something completely different.

Another unknown flower which looks a bit like an iris but is probably something else. I wish I knew more about flower species so that I don't sound so dumb when I make these posts.

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