Monday 5 October 2009

Out on a Windy Day

It was really windy on Saturday morning so I thought I'd take Evey out for a walk from our house, through the woods into the playing fields and then back home past the horses field.  I've started a new blog where I'm adding a picture a day using only my 50mm lens, so that's the only lens I had with me.

In the woods I took a few images of the big old trees, but mainly their trunks.  It was a bit dark in the woods but I thought the shape and the texture of this tree was quite stunning.

I just liked the lines down the trunk of this tree and the one behind it.  It was very, very windy at times and it was a bit scary to see how some of the trunks of the big trees swayed around.  I was a bit concerned about whether they were about to blow over on top of us.

There were some black rain clouds being blown along in the wind and at one point we had a big rainbow across the sky.  In my other blog I had a picture of one end of the rainbow, and this is the other end taken a bit later.

When we got to the playing fields I was trying to get Evey to run after the ball on a string and bring it back to me.  At one point she even brought it back to me, which is quite unusual because she not usually any good at retrieval. 

But eventually she got fed up and just stood near to where it landed and looked into the distance with an air of disinterest.

After that we headed back home and I took this portrait of one of the white ponies.

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