Tuesday 14 September 2010

Ethnic Dancers at Lire in France

We've been back from France for over a week so I thought it was time to start posting some stuff from the holidays.  To be honest we've not been feeling too bright since we came back and I don't know whether it's just post-holiday blues or maybe we've got some sort of flu like bug.  Anyway less of the excuses.

I've decided to randomise my posting because day by day over three weeks seems a bit of an ordeal, plus I've not made that much progress on going through the nearly 1300 photos and 50 video clips since we got back.  I'm starting with the ethnic dancers at Lire because these a straight video clips that all I've had to do with them is upload them to YouTube.  I made mention of these dancers on the 1st September in my post about Chateau Brissac being closed but didn't have any photo to include of the dancers.  They did about 10 or a dozen dances which were all brilliant and I videoed these three clips, hope you like them.

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