Tuesday 2 December 2008

Monochrome Competition Results

There were 79 entries in this competition which I'm guessing is a bit of a record for the club, certainly in recent years. Up until this year the membership had dropped to around 20 so even if everyone had entered the maximum of 3 photos they could only have mustered about 60. The membership has just about doubled this year so potentially there could be well over a hundred photos in a competition.

I was a little late turning up but I believe the judge was from a Dewsbury camera club and generally I tended to agree with his comments on most of the photos. I was a little disappointed that he didn't expand a bit more on some of the things he said but I guess he was a bit pushed for time. As usual there were a few that I really thought he'd got wrong, but then it's all a bit subjective as to what different people like in a photo. He'd down marked one photo because it wasn't really monochrome (which includes tinted monochrome as well as black and white) as it had more than one colour in it, but I think there was another that was a bit suspect which he didn't mention at all.

The photos are marked out of 20 and the winner, second and third usually get 20, 19 and 18. He'd decided to mark one at 20 and then 3 photos at 18, which I guess is OK. There were a couple of 17s, half a dozen 16s quite a few 15s and the majority 14 and below with one he really didn't like with 8. I was quite happy with my scores, the chess pieces got 16, the one of Lynne, Emma and Evey dog got 15 and the couple I met at Black Hill got 13 (see previous post), so I'm thinking they were a bit above average.

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