Friday 27 August 2010

Feeling Unispired

So the second week of our holiday is reaching an end and I am feeling somewhat uninspired photographically. Don't get me wrong, I'm having a great holiday, lots of good food and drink and very relaxed but nothing has really got my juices going for taking photographs. The weather on the way here was a bit mixed and although we went to some nice places there was not too much to get me into the rhythm. I guess part of it is not being able to upload any of my photos while we are away due to not being able to get the camera conector for my iPad before we set off but I think the weather while we have been here hasn't helped either. We've only had one morning when it hasn't been either cloudy or misty and the cloud has also returned every evening so there's been little scope for sunrise or sunset photos. When it has been sunny during the day it's been too damn hot to do anything much but sunbathe. The gite is also a bit uninspiring. It's OK but is doesn't match up to Les Fourneaux where we originally booked to go. The building is a converted barn which doesn't have much in the way of features and the inside is purely functional.

Also we have the neighbours from hell in the adjoining gite. Maybe an exaggeration, but they turned up in a massive camper van. The drunk grandad who thinks he's Adge Cutler and sings Wurzel songs all day and night, his very plain missus who busies herself doing things all day. The daughter and her husband who's idea of starting a barbecue is to use half a gallon of highly inflammable, highly toxic and eye stinging fluid until flames appear out of the top of the chimney. The two kids, a boy in his early teens who grunts a lot, a younger girl who screams and whines a lot and then the two dogs that piss a lot, especially around our gite. On the odd occasions when they leave the gite the performance of turning the camper van around is something to be seen. I know it's been windy but when they shut the doors it sounds as if they're slamming it as hard as they can and the wall between the gites must be paper thin because all we can hear all day is their noise. We were late to bed last night so as a bit of revenge I slammed our bedroom door twice at about half past midnight, about an hour after the din had subsided next door. Childish yes, but so what. They appear to think they can use every inch of the site as their own, their stuff in strewn about everywhere and the drunk grandad even came in our back door thinking it was the spare loo at the rear of the gite which he seems to use all the time. Thankfully they leave on Saturday and nobody is renting the second gite next week so it should be much more peaceful.

Anyhow today we haven't much planned so hopefully we can laze around while next door pack their stuff away ready for setting off on Saturday morning (early I hope). Tomorrow we're going to the market at Angers which includes a flea market bit so that could be exciting. Then on Sunday we're going to Lire which is just a couple of miles South on Ancenis. We went to the market at Ancenis yesterday and when we got back to the car there was a leaflet about something going on at Lire, couldn't understand most of the leaflet but it seems the day starts with something in the church at ten, then stuff is happening all day until midnight. There are jalopies, farm machinery, a brass band, some dancers and stuff from the surrounding regions. There's food and drink and surprises, so it should be good.
Couldn't find a photo to steal today, it's too early in the morning. Maybe tomorrow.

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