Tuesday 17 August 2010

Place Colbert, Rochefort

It's a beautiful sunny day in Rochefort. This photo was taken by Planete Vivante (Marie Sophie) yesterday and I have borrowed if from flickr. Unfortunately al of the photos on my blogs from France are. Going to have to be stolen because I couldn't get the adapter for my iPad before I left England. I apologise and give regards to everyone who owns the photos in advance. I will, of course acknowledge any where I know who took them and will remove them if the owners object.

The photo is the Place Colbert in Rochefort and when we were here the man came to fix the fountain. I have some photos and video of the fountain in action so Marie Sophie can steal them if she wants when I post them sometime in September.

We have just arrived at the Jardin du Lac hotel in Trizay which has wifi and the reason I am posting to the blog in earnest. It's my birthday today and we are eating at the hotel tonight. I will post more from here tomorrow but I'm just about to show ere and change ready for the evening.

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