Thursday 19 August 2010


Today we left the hotel Jardin du Lac and headed North to the gite. The day started a bit overcast but quite pleasant for driving. We decided to keep off of the motorways and take steady route through La Rochelle and to Cholet. A little way past La Rochelle there had been a very bad accident and the firemen where cutting people out of one of the vehicles. Not sure what had happened because it was a straight stretch of road but there appeared to be a caravan and a trailer in the wreckage.
We stopped at Cholet for lunch and to have a bit of a look around. In the photo is the cathedral and the theatre with the square in front. The sky looked very much like it does in the photo and while at Cholet the temperature shot up to 29 degrees. The remaining journey from Cholet to the gite was very hot and sticky but we're here now and settling in. Hazel, the owner, has made us some bread and put some provisions in the fridge so we don't need to go shopping until the morning.

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