Monday 23 August 2010

La Moulin du Rat

It's been very hot and sunny for the last two days so we have spent the time around the pool and outside the gite. We popped out to the shop yesterday and I managed to lose the key to the gite. Had to confess to Hazel so we could get the spare key.
Last night it came cloudy and then overnight it rained very hard. This morning had to go to the Super U at Cande to get some spare keys cut so I can give them to Hazel in case I lose them again. The weather forecast told us we were due for thunderstorms around five this afternoon so we went to Challain le Protherie to have a look around and go for a walk. We had a look at the chateau which is a hotel so we couldn't go in but the sign say they are open for visitors on Sunday afternoons so we might go back then. We walked around the lake which was quite nice but it started ti drizzle some more. Decided to walk to La Moulin du Rat in the picture. The signpost said it was three and a half kilometres so we set off in the rain but it soon cleared up and we saw some sunshine. As you can see from the photo there's not much there and what the signpost didn't say was that it was the highest point in the area so it was all up hill on the way there. By the time we got back to the car we were both quite warm and getting tired as we'd walked well over five miles in the humid heat of the early afternoon.
It's just after six and although there are some very dark clouds in the sky there's no sign of the thunderstorms yet. Tomorrow we're planning a trip to the Chateau de Serrant just south of Angers near St. Georges sur Loire. The weather is forecast to be fine tomorrow so let's hope so.

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