Tuesday 17 August 2010


Another rainy journey on Sunday from Northern France to Vendomme on the Loir. Walked around the town on the evening in the rain before going back to the hotel for our evening meal. We are stopping at the Manoir du Foret at Ville le Clercs a few miles North of Vendomme. The meal was very expensive but very, very good. The next day the weather improved and went for walk along an abandoned railway line starting at Troo. In the afternoon we has another look around Vendomme and went up to the castle high above the town. The views were amazing and they had lots of photographs and artwork on display in the park at the castle. In the orangery they had a display of photographs of monkeys wearing clothes, but we weren't impressed at all so we walked straight back out of there. The woman in there was ranting about something to do with here son I think. I don't know if he had taken the photos or was the monkey in the photos, I didn't wait around to understand what she was saying. In the evening went to a pizzeria for dinner, it was very good and even with the carafe of wine the whole meal cost less than the botle of wine at the hotel the previous night. The photo is the Abbaye le Trinite in the middle of Vendomme.

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